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NSHL in Las Vegas, Nevada for AAU/UHU National Tournament


The Syracuse Stampede and Lake George Fighting Spirit will represent the NSHL in the AAU/UHU National Tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada April 5th-9th. There will also be a Best of the Rest tournament, which will compete against teams from the WSHL and MWJHL.

April 4, 2013,

Six teams will compete from three different leagues for the AAU/UHU National Championship, which is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada April 5th-9th.  Representing the NSHL will be the Syracuse Stampede and the Lake George Fighting Spirit.  From the Western States Hockey League (WSHL) will be the top seeded Idaho Steelheads and the Bay Area Seals.  The third league represented is the Midwest Junior Hockey League (MWJHL) which has the Hartland Hounds and Tennyson Chevrolet competing. 

In addition to the AAU/UHU National Tournament, there is also an Best of the Rest Tournament, which has the top players from the NSHL, WSHL, and MWJHL, whose teams did not qualify for the National Championships.  

Below is the schedule for both tournaments:



Friday April 5

10:10 AM- Bay Area Seals vs. Lake George Fighting Spirit

1:20 PM- Syracuse Stampede vs. Hartland Hounds

4:40 PM- Tennyson Chevrolet vs. Idaho Jr. Steelheads


Saturday April 6

10:10 AM- Syracuse Stampede vs. Tennyson Chevrolet

1:20 PM- Lake George Fighting Spirit vs. Idaho Jr. Steelheads

4:40 PM- Hartland Hounds vs. Bay Area Seals


Sunday April 7

10:10 AM- Idaho Jr. Steelheads vs. Hartland Hounds

1:20 PM- Bay Area Seals. vs. Tennyson Chevrolet

4:40 PM- Lake George Fighting Spirit vs. Syracuse Stampede


Monday April 8 (Semi-Finals)

1:20 PM- High Point #3 vs. High Point #2

4:40 PM- High Point #4 vs. High Point #1


Tuesday April 9 (Championship Game)

11:00 AM- Winner 2 vs. Winner 1


Best of the Rest Tournament

Friday April 5

9:00 AM- NSHL vs. WSHL (1)

11:20 AM- WSHL (2) vs. MWJHL


Saturday April 6

9:00 AM- MWJHL vs. WSHL (1)

11:20 AM- WSHL (2) vs. NSHL


Sunday April 7

9:00 AM- NSHL vs. MWJHL

11:20 AM- WSHL (1) vs. WSHL (2)


Monday April 8

10:00 AM- High Point 2 vs. High Point 1

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